A beautiful, minimal timer for your Mac.

DaisyTimer puts all the functionality of a basic egg timer right on your Mac using a unique interface. Set the timer from 1 to 60 minutes by dragging the ladybug clockwise. The countdown starts immediately and the ladybug works its way back to the top of the daisy. When time runs out, a 'boing' sound plays until you click anywhere on the daisy. The Dock icon also bounces to get your attention if DaisyTimer isn't selected when the alarm goes off.

DaisyTimer is designed to be extremely simple to use, just like a real egg timer. It has no settings or preferences to configure and just allows you to set a single countdown timer at once.

See the video below for a demonstration.


If you're having trouble with DaisyTimer, email me at . Apple doesn't give me any way reply if you post your problem as a review on the App Store.